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Guided bike tour «Along the ancient towns of Central Russia»

From 1.799,00 Euro for tour 8 days / From 1.899,00 Euro for tour 9 days

Start location

Moscow (Transfer to Tver)

End location

Vladimir or Suzdal (Transfer to Moscow)


8 days / 7 nights or 9 days / 8 nights


From 180 to 255 km.

Даты тура:

On Saturday: 25.05., 15.06., 02.07., 20.07., 10.08.2024


From easy to Middle

Tour type:

Velotours in Russia

Dear Guest!
Our cycling tour starts in the ancient Russian city of Tver, which has spread on a bank of our favorite Volga River. Here its waters are full flowing and it is very wide. Our first 2 cycling tracks will lead along Volga’s banks, through authentic Russian villages and settlements.
    This bike tour will help you to discover amazing distinctiveness and picturesqueness of Russian province, what is not always possible to feel while travelling through big cities of Russia.
    Going through the famous and old cities such as Sergiev Posad, Vladimir, Suzdal and of course Moscow – the «Pearl» of a Golden Ring – this route will be unforgettable for our guests! The final city for this tour is Vladimir ore Suzdal, which rightfully can be called as a head of the Golden Ring. Also one of the point of interest will be «the young city of Science» – Dubna.
    Our tour program is filled with lots of interesting events. As visiting different ancient monasteries and churches, some of them are still active, some are partially destroyed. In the bigger cities – there will be a sightseeing program, as well as an opportunity to visit some museums and manors. And also master classes and a wonderful rest on the bank of Volga River - all this will make the cycling tour around Central Russia rich and memorable.
    A great part of the route leads along rural roads and dirt-tracks in pristine areas of Tver and Moscow regions. There will be 2 parts only of an asphalt roads, that we will ride escorted by our cars. The first night of the tour will take place in a hotel located in historical centre of Moscow, it will also be a point of gathering of all group members.
    At the end of the tour we go back to Moscow from Vladimir (tour option 8 days / 7 nights) or from Suzdal (tour option 9 days / 8 nights). Those who wish to continue exploring Russian capital are always welcome to stay. We can organize an interesting program for you upon request.
    Dear friend! If you still have doubts but really willing to go to a cycling tour around central Russia, you can always contact our European partners to book this tour. 

Recommended airports:
Moscow airports: Domodedovo (DME), Vnukovo (VKO), Sheremetyevo (SVO)
After arrival it is more convenient to take a taxi or train to the «Start» hotel.
Accommodation: Is provided in carefully selected hotels: Hotels 3* & 4*, Park Hotel on the banks of the Volga.
Route description:

From easy to Middle, full support

Visa: On this Website  you can fill out the electronic version of the Russian visa application form and print the visa application form, required for applying for a visa to the Russian Federation. 
Our company will provide you an INVITATION, necessary documents confirming the purpose of your touristic trip.
E-Visa    https://electronic-visa.kdmid.ru/index_en.html

REVIEWS about our bike tour 2019
-   Kathrin und Theo from Germany
-   Eva Krötz from Germany
-   Phil and Marie Williams from Australia
-   Bruce from Australia
-   I really liked the Golden ring!
We wish you an easy booking and a wonderful trip around Moscow, Vladimir and Tver region, along welcoming and friendly Russia!


Day 1, Saturday: Moscow
Transfer or self arrival to the «start» hotel of the tour in the very center of Moscow.
    In the evening you will have a city tour around Moscow! We will walk along the embankment of the Moscow River, past the great Temple of Christ the Savior and reach the Kremlin and Red Square.
    You will be filled with unforgettable impressions of scope and power of these cult constructions of the Capital of Russia. On the way back to the hotel after you will take the metro, and will visit one of the most famous stations – «Revolution Square» and «Arbatskaya», which in truth can be called a work of architectural art.
Dinner is not included into a tour price

Day 2, Sunday: Moscow – Tver, Transfer, approx 180 km
In the morning, around 11 a.m. we will take the transfer bus to go from Moscow to an old Russian city of Tver, which will be reached in the second part of the day.
    Here after a lunch break we will have a city tour around the old center. Taking a walk along the embankment, listen to the city's history. Passing by the monument of Pushkin and Athanasii Nikitin, who loved this city very much.
     Later that day we go be back to our hotel, which is a former manor house, lovingly renovated by current owners. Also, as a next step we will have a master class of modeling the Russian pelmeni. The chef of the restaurant will uncover the secrets of this popular Russian dish.
    After dinner you will have the opportunity to take a walk along one of the central street «Trehsvyatskaya» – this is pretty much the same as Moscow «Arbat» with the same souvenir benches, rows of bright matryoshkas, easels of artists and many cozy cafes and restaurants. Here you will plunge into the colorful atmosphere of the provincial Russia.
Dinner is included into a tour price.

Day 3, Monday: Tver – Orschinski Kloster – Savvat`evo, 35 km + transfer 15 km, or 50 km to the hotel
Main route: Tver – Yurievskoe Settlement
Cycling route: Tver – Orschinski Kloster – Savvat`evo, 35 km + transfer 15 km., or 50 km to the hotel
After breakfast at the hotel, we will start our tour by passing through the historical part of Tver, and along its embankment that was built up in the 1760-1770s. On our way we will cross the bridge, which was built at the very end of the 19th century and which will remind the curious traveler of the bridge in the Bavarian town of Laufen an der Salzach on the Salzach River and in Budapest.
    Leaving Tver we continue our trip along gravel and sandy roads through pine woods, along the banks of a great Volga River to reach the walls of an Orsha convent, which was patronized by Tsar Ivan the Terrible. Here, on the shore of a small influx, we will have a picnic break. You will feel an extraordinary pacification in this mysterious place, where the Volga becomes even wider and more powerful. After we continue our trip on tarmac surface among the age-old pine forest to Savvatievo. Further on, by our bus – we take the direction back to the Volga, to the village of Yuryevskoye and to our Park Hotel.
    In the evening we will have a dinner and a romantic night on the bank of Volga River.
Dinner is not included into a tour price.

Day 4, Tuesday: Yurievskoe – Vidogoshi – Edimonovo, 35 / 45 km + transfer approx 40 km
Main route: Yurievskoe Settlement – city of Konakovo – city of Dubna
Cycling route: Yurievskoe – Vidogoshi – Edimonovo, 35 / 45 km + transfer approx. 40 km
Today’s route will lead through age-old pine forest and old rare settlements, mostly on nice gravel and sandy roads.
    In the village of Edimonovo the river Volga becomes even more full flowing and wide. The islands, the water surface of the bay, beaches and pine forests – all this creates a fantastic atmosphere of peace in mind and unity with nature. Here the river makes a sharp turn to north-east and «stores» in the Ivankovsky reservoir.
    After a pleasant break and swimming in the clear river waters we will have a transfer to a shore of reservoir, where we take a ferry and cross the wide Volga waters to reach the city Konakovo. Later on via our transfer bus we continue our trip and reach the «city of Science» – Dubna. 
   In the evening, if the weather is good, we will have one more opportunity to swim in the Volga River, or rather, the «Moscow» Sea and enjoy unbelievable atmosphere of the city of Academics and cyclists.
Dinner is not included in a tour price.

Day 5, Wednesday: Moscow canal – Verbilki, 35 km  or 47 km + Transfer approx 30 km
Main route: Dubna – The Moscow canal – Dmitrov
Cycling route: The Moscow canal – Verbilki, 35 km  or 47 km + Transfer approx. 30 km
Today we will have a very eventful day!
    After breakfast we will have a short tour along the «city of Science». The guide will tell you about the history of this city and the construction of Moscow Canal. This unique and large-scale construction was erected in the 30s of the last century, in just five years by the forces of hundreds of thousands of political prisoners of the Gulag, many of whom died in its construction.
    Walk along the spit, will dip us into the history of this place, a great chance to take wonderful photos of the lighthouse, the famous monument of Lenin (25 meters tall!) and the serene waters of the bay.
    And further on we will ride along the canal, and after through woods, fields, authentic settlements and villages to reach the ancient industrial village of Verbilki. Here is possible to visit museum of the porcelain factory that was founded by an Englishman Gardner in the year 1775.
    By the evening we will reach an ancient city of Dmitrov, will have a dinner at the hotel and continue our day with a walk in the historical part of the city, will visit local Kremlin, walk along the Kropotkinskaya street among the beautiful monuments of its citizens.
Dinner is not included into a tour price.

Day 6, Thursday: Budenovets – Svyatogorovo – Yakot`, 27 km + Transfer 40 km
Main route: Dmitrov – Sergiev Posad
Cycling route: Budenovets – Svyatogorovo – Yakot`, 27 km + Transfer 40 km
    After breakfast,we will have a short transfer to Budenovets. Here we will ride our bicycles and continue our bike route along the «Klinsko-Dmitrovskaya Ridge» (this is one of the most beautiful parts of the Moscow Upland, the maximum altitude is 285 m), where descents and ascents will be awaiting us.
    Riding first on tarmac surface, after on gravel and sometimes even rocky roads we will reach the settlement «Svyatogorovo», where the fast and winding river Velya flows. This place is popular for pilgrims, photographers, artists and just for curious ones. Here we examine the architecture of wooden houses that were built according to old Russian projects. In the afternoon, take a bird's-eye view of the surrounding expanses. The places we pass through are called «Moscow taiga» and even «Russian Switzerland» because of the high, often alternating green hills.
    In the afternoon, having made another short bike ride along «Dmitrovsky» hills, we transfer to the city of Sergiev Posad – one of the culminating places of our cycling tour in «Russian inland».
    Among all the cities that make up the Golden Ring of Russia, this city is considered to be its pearl and one of the main sights. In 1993 this architectural ensemble became a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
    In the evening we will have a tour of the famous Lavra, the golden domes of which we will see at the entrance to Sergiev Posad.
Dinner is not included in a tour price.

Day 7, Friday: Kirzhach – Pokrov, 35 or 45 km or more + Two transfers ~ 160 km
Main route: Sergiev Posad – Vladimir
Cycling route: Kirzhach – Pokrov, 35 or 45 km or more + Two transfers ~ 160 km
Today, our cultural program will start at 10 am. We will have another interesting event – a master class of painting the Matryoshka in the city's «Workshop of Art». Each person will be given a wooden blank.
    Later, with our bus we will go from Moscow to Vladimir region and we willarrive in a small provincial town – Kirzhach. Currently, the city is being restored thanks to local residents and patrons. We will ride bikes near an old printing house and ride on the longest wooden bridge in Russia, which connects the «Aleksandrovsky» garden with the city center.
   Then, leaving the «old town», riding on the bank of the Lake Krutoye, we will go to the Kirzhach River floodplain to continue our cycling journey along its banks.
   Then we will ride on dirt and sandy roads along the picturesque riverbed Kirzhat. The fields, meadow flowers and pine forest – will become our companions. For a lunch pause we will stop near the beautiful Telvjakovsky Lake.
   After lunch, we will continue our trip to the place of death of the first Soviet Union cosmonaut, Yuri Gagarin, and his colleague and friend, test pilot Vladimir Seryogin. There is a monumental Memorial and a small Chapel have been erected on this place now.
   We will reach town Vladimir – the crown of the «Golden Ring» in the evening by our transfer bus. Here are carefully kept some of wonderful monuments of Russian medieval white-stone architecture, which were entered by UNESCO into the World Heritage List. 
Dinner is not included in a tour price.

Day 8, Saturday: Bogolyubovo - Suzdal, 35 or 40 km or more + Two transfers ~ 30 km
Main route: Vladimir – Bogolyubovo - Suzdal, if you booked a tour of 9 days / 8 nights
Cycling route: Bogolyubovo - Suzdal, 35 or 40 km or more + Two transfers ~ 30 km
In the morning after breakfast we will have a city tour in the center of Vladimir. The tour is going to be filled with lots of interesting information and facts. Vladimir was founded by Prince Vladimir in the late 10th century. This city for more than 250 years was the capital of the Old Russian state, until 1432.
   Then we will have a very short transfer to the ancient village of Bogolyubovo. There by bicycles we will ride through the meadow to one of the oldest churches in Russia – «Cover on the Nerl» – white stone temple was built by Prince Andrei Bogolyubsky in the 12th century.
   Then, passing near the white-stone walls of the ancient monastery, we will go to our final cycle track. We will ride through vast fields, hills, lakes and ancient manicured and sometimes reconstructed villages and temples. The vast expanses of the Vladimir region amaze the traveler with their vast distances, the beauty of forest islands and distant celestial horizon.
   By evening we will arrive in the Old Russian city Suzdal, another bright representative of the Golden Ring. The boundaries of the city with a thousand-year history remain unchanged since the 18th century!
   In Suzdal we will immerse ourselves in the fabulous atmosphere of the Russian backwoods, tender and well-groomed, perfectly preserved, perfectly inscribed in the classic Russian landscape with vast fields, river bends and hills.
*Dinner is not included in a tour price. 
**If you have booked a tour of 8 days / 7 nights, in the morning, or a little later, you will go from Vladimir to Moscow by high-speed train. Train for 1,5 hours will bring you to the capital of Russia.
***A train ride between Vladimir and Moscow is not included in the price of the tour.

Day 9, Sunday: Suzdal – Vladimir – Moscow. Transfer approx 35 km + high-speed train
After breakfast in the hotel, we will go on a tour of ancient Suzdal. There are many attractions that are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Even time in this amazing city goes on its own way, historically. Or rather, in this way it is measured on an ancient chime clock, located on the bell tower of the Bishop's Chambers of the 17th century. And the local Kremlin is an old fortress, on the territory of which there is a golden-domed Mother of God-Nativity Cathedral with frescoes of the 13th century.
    At the end of the historical tour, we will have lunch in one of the many small Russian refectories, and then take our bus to the railway station in Vladimir. From there we will return to Moscow by high-speed train. The trip will last just over an hour. This time will be enough to sum up our bicycle trip to Central Russia, to laugh, to be glad and to say goodbye.
    On this trip you will be accompanied by our Sports Leader (leaders), he will also help you to organize a taxi ride to your hotel / airport (not included in the cost of your tour). Our cycling tour will finish in Moscow. But everyone, upon your wish, is always welcome to stay longer to spend more time exploring our wonderful city of Moscow.
*Lunch and Dinner is not included in a tour price.
**A train ride between Vladimir and Moscow is not included in the price of the tour.  

Dates and Costs

DATES guided tours in 2024, On Saturday: 25.05., 15.06., 02.07., 20.07., 10.08.2024
 *The organization of the tour can be confirmed with a min. 6 persons in the group and a max. 16 persons.  


Service Price 
8 days / 7 nights
9 days / 7 nights
Basic price per person in a Double
room with breakfast, 6 or 7 Lunchesand +1 Dinner
€ 1.799,00 € 1.899,00
Surcharge for a single room € 559,00 € 619,00
Additional nights in Moscow On request
Rental MTB bikes (24 or 21 gear) Included in price
The third person in the room On request

•  Detailed route description with printed materials with info about the sights, both in English and German;
•  Accommodation in 3* and 4* hotels, one night in «Recreation Park» on Volga River;
•  Services of support team, including sports leader (English) and minivan;
•  All the transfers (including a trip on our bus from Moscow to Tver), that are included into a tour program, ferry across the Volga and Moscow Canal;
•  Luggage transportation (from the bus till the hotel’s reception), not more than 18 kg per person;
•  City tours in Moscow (1st day of the tour) and further on the route: in the cities of Tver, Dubna, Dmitrov, Sergiev Posad, Vladimir, Suzdal;
•  2 Master classes during the tour;
•  Visa support – invitation to the Russian Embassy of your country;
•  Brochure with maps and description of the tour route and sights (one set per room);
•  Bike rent, MTB-bike, 21 or 24 speed, male and female frame, helmet upon request (if you prefer to have it, but didn’t bring it with you), bottle holder.

 – Two meals a day for 5 or 6 days:
• breakfast - integrated or buffet;
• packed lunch, fresh fruit and vegetables and 1 picnic;
• bottled water during the daily route.
– On the second day of the Tour
- breakfast, complex lunch and dinner in Tver (2nd day);
- the last day of the Tour (Saturday or Sunday) - breakfast.

•  Flight to / from Moscow;
•  Transfer from/to the airport, the price upon request;
•  Dinners are not included in the tour price (except dinner in Tver);
•  Drinks during the Dinner on the 2nd day in Tver;
•  All entrance fees to museums, parks, additional excursions which are not listed in the tour program;
•  Visa expenses;
•  Medical insurance;
•  A trip on the High-speed train on the route Vladimir - Moscow **.

* In some hotels (In Sergiev Posad, Vladimir) the city tax can be charged (~ 250 – 500 RUB p/p ).
** On the last day of the tour the trip by high-speed train on the route Vladimir – Moscow, is not included in the cost of the tour.
But tickets will be purchased in advance.
- Tickets from 500 to 2000 RUB p/p.
- Payment on site, to our Sports Leader.
- According to the tour program, the departure from Vladimir is scheduled at 15:35. Earlier departure is also possible, after the Excursion, for example at 12:01, at 12:57.
- For large groups, if they stay this evening in Moscow, we will arrange a baggage transfer at our «Bagration» Hotel.
       Schedules are subject to change.

  • Depending on the weather, tour route may be changed insignificantly (the decision will made by the coordinator of the tour and a sports leader);
  • Bike ride along the route of the tour can be increased or decreased (except the 2nd and the 6th day, when the vehicle support cannot go near a group), depending on the physical condition and / or group's wishes.
  • Price of extra nights in Moscow (before start /after finish the tour) for a room in our hotel: on request.
  • Price for Transfer from / to Airport: on request.
  • Some of our hotels has a Sauna complex (Russian banya, sauna, SPA) – Clients can pay locally for these services.

Difficulty level:  Flat with some gentle slopes.

If you didn't get the insurance policy yet, we recommend to address to ERV Group (ERV - Travel Insurance).
Existence in Moscow of one of departments of the group guarantees the qualified help in a case of a loss occurrence./
We work with Russian department ERV company since 2007

Map & Bike

Rental bike (include in the tour price)

  MTB, Navigator 930 D 29" MTB, Navigator 830 V 26"
Front fork SR SUNTOUR, XCM, 80 mm SR SUNTOUR XCM, 100 mm
Frame Sizes 17.5" / 19.5"/ 21.5" Aluminum 17.5" / 19.5" / 21.5" Aluminum
Tires Sizes 29" 26"
Speed 24 21
Derailleur front SHIMANO Alivio, FD-T4000 SHIMANO Tourney, FD-TX50
Derailleur rear SHIMANO Alivio, RD-T4000 SHIMANO Altus, RD-M310
Shiftlever SHIMANO Alivio, SL-M360 SHIMANO Acera, ST-EF65
Cassette SHIMANO Altus, CS-HG41 SHIMANO Altus, CS-HG41
Brakes TEKTRO, DRACO, Hydraulic Discbrake, 180мм TEKTRO, V-brake
Rims WEINMANN, aluminum double WEINMANN, aluminum double

Extra equipment: Bottle holder, beam deflectors and small lamps.
On request: a cycle bag, luggage compartments, helmets.



     Dear friends, we invite you to take a trip on one of the most interesting parts of the First National cycle route of Russia. The estimated bike route will be 260 kilometers, not including all transfers. However, these distances can be either increased or decreased, depending on the group, their physical training and the individual wishes of our guests. A professional sports leader (English or German speaking), a minibus and a car of technical support will accompany the cycling group. Across all the way, we provide your customers with accommodation in comfortable hotels (almost all hotels are 4*).
     The bike route will start from the old town of Tver, where the river Volga is not that deep. Gradually we will approach the Moscow region and the Volga here will be much deeper and full flowing – surrounding landscapes will change as well, and we shall see more and more grandiose sights and architectural monuments. And the bike tour will reveal the extraordinary originality, the colorfulness of Russian hinterland and the true Russian soul, which is not always possible to experience when you make a trip through the big cities of Russia. You will meet interesting people, who not only love their homeland, but also know a lot about their area, and will be ready and glad to share these knowledges with you.
     Our bike route will have its logical ending in a symbolic place for Russian Orthodoxy – in the town of Sergiev Posad and Vladimir, the «pearl» of the Golden Ring of Russia. The tour program is rich in events – we will pass many authentic villages and visit several old monasteries and churches, active and dilapidated. We will also visit a couple of museums and manors, and make stops in the famous Old Russian towns, get several master classes, have fun and rest by the bank of the River Volga. Most of the trip will take place on rural and earth roads in ecologically clean parts of Tver and Moscow regions. Only these two stages will be on asphalt roads with little traffic, and under the supervision of our staff. The first night of the tour will take place in a hotel in the historical center of Moscow, where we will gather all of the participants of the bike tour. After the tour, we will come from Vladimir to Moscow. Those who wish, may continue exploring the capital of our country. We are ready to organize an interesting program on request in advance. 


Andreas and Susanne from Germany

Dear team of paradiz voyage travel agency,    We want to thank you for the very nice cycling tour with your company, which we had that summer between 15.-22. June 2019. We would like to give feedback and tell you that we really liked everything about the trip: The selection of the routes, as we...
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Phil and Marie Williams from Australia

Hello MicheleWell, we’re back in Newcastle after a fantastic mountain bike tour in Russia. It was different and eventful but we love the unexpected and we were pleased to have had perfect weather.   The ride itself is not onerous - its nearly all flat but the surfaces are varied - dirt roads, san...
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Bruce from Australia

Hi Michele,Thanks for the reminder. We’ve been home about 3 weeks, enough time to get our thoughts in order. We’ve been on seven previous (self-guided) bike trips covering 9 different European countries, so we have a feel for what are normal standards.   Yes, it was quite an adventure. It was a b...
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I really liked the Golden ring!

Dear Natalia,Мне очень понравилось золотое кольцо! - I really liked the Golden ring!    We saw many interesting places and learned a lot about cultur and history. I also liked the Pelmeni cooking and the painting of a Matrioschka. Oleg and Sascha did a good job and cared very well for us. Most o...
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