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Велосипедные туры

по России и Европе без рюкзака!
Двигайся и познавай новое в путешествии на велосипеде по четко разработанному маршруту, с поддержкой и транспортировкой вашего багажа.

Why to choose our bike tour in Russia?

This bike tour will give you an opportunity to understand the mind of Russia with all your heart, join us!

What you get:

  • Cycling route, organized by «European» model.
  • Professional sports leaders support-guides (English and / or German), and care about you.
  • Unique, rich experience adventure and familiarity with the authentic Russian hinterland, with the old key cities in Russia's history.
  • Accommodation in carefully selected hotels, with excellent infrastructure, often with swimming pools and «Russian banya» (sauna).
  • Daily change «tourist palette»:
    new landscape → new city → new hotel → new people.

What we do:

  • Booking tour for you, providing all the documents to obtain visas, consultation.
  • Organize transfers, inform and meet you!
  • Provide for you «Road book» with the program and sights of the tour in English and German;
  • Take care of you during the tour, you are always with our coordinator and sports leaders!
  • We provide only high quality services in our hotels along the route and bike tour.
  • We transport your luggage from hotel to hotel.
  • Support the feedback after the ending of tour.

Bike tour in Russia

Dear friends! We have been working on European cycling touristic market for more than 20 years! Our partners – about 15 European companies of leading tour operators of cycling tours, the ones who trust us and host our tourists with great pleasure. But! We have grown up and confidently can say, that we are ready to host on the same level European and other continents guests here in Russia.
   Dear cyclists, we will be happy for your participation in the group tours along Along the south of Russia and Central Russia! And Self-guided bike tours are always open for bookings – «The Gulf of Finland and the palaces of St. Petersburg», «Seaside Baltic Ring» in the Kaliningrad region and «Through the Caucasian Mineral Waters and the Lermontov Mountains».
   We are sure you will appreciate our service and of course the unigue atmosphere of our beautiful country, deservedly appreciate the beauty of Russian expanses, our cuisine and a rich historical heritage. For now there is not so many rotes like this. But still they are unique: Along the south of Russia – our and long-awaited; Russian depth – authentic Tver and Moscow region; Kaliningrad and its forgotten, but every year more and more open story, which can be visited at the same time with Curonian Spit and Lithuania.
    Dear friends, discover Russia together with us! And it will be more beautiful and amazing with each passing year!

    VISA. From 2023 you can get an electronic tourist visa to Russia!
On this website you can fill out the electronic version of the Russian visa application form and print the visa application form, required for applying for a visa to the Russian Federation. 
    Our company will provide you an INVITATION, necessary documents confirming the purpose of your touristic trip. 
Apply for an E-visa: https://electronic-visa.kdmid.ru/index_en.html 
    In 2024, we recommend flying to Russia via Istanbul – Turkish Airlines


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