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Moscow city tour by bike

50,00 Euro
Every day, from May to September
Tour type:
  • Velotours in Russia
  • Групповой велотур


4 hours


12 km

Start dates

Every day, from May to September

Start location

Moscow (city center)

End location

Moscow (city center)

    If you are a compulsive traveler or even if you are not, still it is definitely that you heard of «city-tours» by bus, walking or bike... Moreover, the latter are gaining more and more fans since it is the fun, interesting and easiest way to explore as many sights as possible, to hear some interesting stories and of course to enjoy the ride.
    And in 2018 we offer to do such a «city-tour» to all the guests of Moscow – the capital of a Great Country Russia. And of course it will be an interesting adventure for Muscovites and Moscow regions citizens.
    Our excursions will be held under the guidance of an accredited qualified guide and his assistant. The average time of a city tour is about 4 hours with the full distance from 10 to 12 km that makes it easy for every fitness level tourists and even teenagers. Before the tour starts the guide will do a small welcome briefing, will provide you with head phones, sound receiver, route map, reflective vest, rain cape, helmet and of course a bicycle.


Route «Along the Boulevard Ring of Moscow»

    A fascinating tour at the historical center of Moscow – along the Boulevard Ring and the Moscow River embankments – lasts 4 hours and covers 12 km. Excursion is led by an accredited and highly qualified guide and assistant. Our services provide headphones, sound receiver, route map, reflective vest, rain cape, helmet and bicycle at the start. The cycling route safely runs along boulevards and bicycle lanes.
    Ancient defense fortress walls and towers of the White City disappeared in the early 19th century. Instead Muscovites enjoy picturesque boulevards. However, the names of the streets, squares and avenues still sound like medieval fortress gates of ancient Moscow. The shady avenues and ponds of Moscow boulevards in the center of busy city attract locals for rest and serve as a wonderful opportunity to feel the older times.
    On our way we will see monuments to outstanding Russian citizens, scientists, historical figures and famous artists. Archaeological findings, interesting stories and a cozy restaurant are waiting for you on our tour itinerary.
    Start / finish of the route: the meeting point will be Prechistenskaya embankment behind the wooden Temple of the Sovereign Icon of the Mother of God (next to the Cathedral of Christ the Savior and our office). Metro station: Kropotkinskaya.
Distance: 12 km.
Duration: 4 hours.

Route «Zamoskvorechye»

    This bicycle route will begin on the left bank of the Moscow River, at the foot of the most famous Moscow temple – The Cathedral of Christ the Savior. We will take a journey to one of the oldest Moscow districts – Zamoskvorechye. It was named this way because it is lying in the other side of Moscow River from the Kremlin. We will look back through 9 centuries of Moscow history and learn about its stories from very beginning and about the Kremlin also.
    Then we will continue our tour by crossing Moscow River and will find ourselves on the single Moscow Island. Next step will be a ride to the famous Tretyakov Gallery. We will see the family house, which was turned into a National gallery with one of the biggest collections of Russian visual arts in the world thanks to efforts of a famous philanthropist Pavel Tretiakov and his brother Sergey.
    Going further we move deeper into the district and explore the daily life of the medieval Moscow Quarters. We will see very beautiful ancient cathedrals and churches. All of them have some stories to tell. In the middle of this little adventure we will do a lunch break. You will taste and experience yourself the Russian ethnic cuisine. Something new and very tasty to discover.
    After our way will take us towards Sadovoe Ring – one of the most important Moscow main central roads, which has been renovated by Moscow government in the past few years. But even this part of Moscow has a very rich history. Along the way we will see residences of Russian noblemen and merchant families, famous for its industrial achievements and charity. History of their dynasties closely related with the History of Russia. We will also see modern buildings and notice, how inventive the architects entered the historical built-up environment.
    One of our stop will be about visiting one of the most famous Moscow nunneries – the Convent of Martha and Mary. It was founded by Grand Duchess Elizabeth Romanova. In there you will have a chance to learn about the horrible fortune of king Nikolay II and his family and other victims of the revolution. Next destination will be the house, where the famous Russian writer and dramatist Alexander Ostrovskiy was born. A lot of his dramas take place in Zamoskvorechye and tell about the life of its citizens. We will learn about the lifestyle of Russian merchants, full of interesting observance and superstitious beliefs.
    In the end of our tour we will have a short talk about Soviet historical period of Moscow and its architecture. The building of the Russian Federal Atomic Energy Agency will be a great example for us.
    Start  of the route: the meeting point will be at Prechistenskaya embankment behind the wooden Temple of the Sovereign Icon of the Mother of God (next to the Cathedral of Christ the Savior and our office). Metro station: Kropotkinskaya.
Finish of the route: next to Tretiakovskaya metro station.
Distance: 12 km.
Duration: 4 hours.

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