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Explore unique russian lands and landscapes

«South of Russia» – cross-country сentre tours

From 1.090,00 Euro
On Saturday: 02.06., 30.06., 04.08., 25.08.2018 / Special departure dates for at least 6 people
Tour type:
  • Velotours in Russia


8 days / 7 nights


Total 255 or 275 km.

Start dates

On Saturday: 02.06., 30.06., 04.08., 25.08.2018 / Special departure dates for at least 6 people

Start location

Bakhchisaray, transfer from Simferopol Airport

End location

Village Orlinoe, transfer to Simferopol Airport

Dear friends, we are very proud to present our new cycling tour around Russia – along the south peninsula! Tours in these wonderful, unbelievably rich places (in all aspects) of our Motherland have been well known in a while, but we are unique as usual!) – No tents! Only comfortable hotels, which are fully comply with the European requirements for the concept of «cycling hotel». In our hotel you can find all the conditions for your holiday and enjoyment of the surrounding landscape after every of the cycling tracks.
 This bike tour has been made for the history lovers and the ones who enjoys the real cross country tours. But we would like to pay your attention, that the route can always be facilitated as well as become more complicated, also because you will always be accompanied by the experienced sport-lead, with a good knowledge of the area of the bike tracks. For the ones who prefers calm but active in the same time kind of holiday we can provide an easy bike route, with the minimum of descents and climbs, but still full of events.

Airport:Simferopol's Airport (SIP), transfers truoght Moscow and St. Peterburg.
Accommodation:Hotels 3* and guest house / all rooms with с WC and shower

 Along the route of the bike tour on the Russian peninsula, you will be introduced, to see the depth of the important sights of this ,magical place. Several evenings we will spend in the old suburbs of Bakhchisaray, and will be able to visit the Khan's palace, and see the same fountain, about which Pushkin wrote in his Byronic poem «The Fountain of Bakhchisarai» in the 20s of the 19th century, inspired by this wonderful palace.
  Then, going on our bike tour route, you will be also impressed with visiting local Astrophysical Observatory, the cave of the Holy Dormition Monastery, the ancient «Karaite cemetery» and Skelsky fascinating caves.
  We will go along the picturesque Baydarskaya Valley, in the heart of the Mountains, will take photos to remember these grandiose landscapes of the bays Batiliman, Laspi and the background of Cape Aya. We will go down along the ancient Roman rode, will go through Baydarskiy pass, and reach the ancient Foros, founded by Greeks in the 5th century BC. And of course we will ride along the famous bay of Laspi, the beauty of which was admired by the great Catherine II, our contemporaries call it «Cove of Dreams» and one of the most beautiful and picturesque bays of the Black Sea on the southern coast of our peninsula.

DATES OF THE TOUR: On Saturday: 02.06., 30.06., 04.08., 25.08.2018
* April, October and Special departure dates can be available upon request, with group of 6 people.
** The organization of the tour can be confirmed with a min. 6 persons in the group and a max. 17 persons.

PRICES OF THE TOUR per person in 2018: In a Double room accommodation: 1.090,00 Euro
* Single room – upon reques


You do not need to look for the groupmates! It is our responsibility. You just join to the group of alike-minded;
•    After receiving the booking confirmation, we will send an invoice for 50% of the tour price;
•    Balance payment you will need to pay 2 weeks before the tour. The amount of it will depend on the fullness of the group. 


•   Carefully developed route with the information about the sights to see.
•   Accommodation in the hotels of 2* (3 nights) and 3* (4 nights);
•   Breakfasts in the hotels;
•   3 packed lunches in the first 3 days of the tour;
•   Sport lead service;
•   Transfer to Ai-Petri;
•   Transporting your luggage, not more than 20 kg per person;
•   Bike rent;
•   Hot-line service;


•   Excursions on the route, local guides service, payable on spot;
•   Lunches (except for the first 3 days of the tour) and dinners, payable on spot;
•   Flight from / to Simferopol, independent trip or a transfer to Bakhchisaray / from Orlinoe;
•   Health insurance pole.

EXTRA OPTIONS, up to wishes of a group or individual participants:

•   Transfers from / to Simperopol airport;
•   Excursions in the Khan Palace (Bakhchisarai), to Observatory, visit of Skelsky cave, visit to Foros palace complex;
•   Car escort in the 3d day of the tour;
•   Excursions to the city of Sudak, Genusskaya fortress, city of Balaklava, and any other city on your request with English-speaking guide.


If you didn't get the insurance policy yet, we recommend to address to ERV Group (ERV - Travel Insurance).
Existence in Moscow of one of departments of the group guarantees the qualified help in a case of a loss occurrence.
We work with Russian department ERV company since 2007

Day 1. Bahchesoray
Arrival to Simferopol Airport. Meeting in the airport and transfer to the «start» hotel of the tour in Bakhchisarai’s suburb (~ 40 km.).
Our Hotel is located 1 km from the city center. This authentic hotel is designed in local Tatar style with a swimming pool and a restaurant.
  Lunch. Self inspection of the city's attractions. And / or an excursion to the Khan's palace. Because of its architectural diversity and rich historical past Bakhchisaray was called «the city of five centuries». Bakhchisaray (Bakche-saray) – with the Tatar meaning «garden palace» (bahcha / bağça – garden shed / saray – Palace) – a former residence of the khans Giray, who ruled the Khanate of the entire period of its existence, more than 350 years, from 1420 by 1783.
•    Transfers from the airport not included in the tour price.
•    Lunch and Dinner in Bahchesoray or the in the hotel's restaurant not included in the tour price.
•    Excursion to the Khan's palace, payable locally.
Night in hotel in Bakhchisaray.

Day 2. Bahchisaray – Nauchniy – «Backla» – «Martian lake» – Bahchisaray /  about 50 km / heights level  ~ 1200 m.
•    Primer ~ 80%, asphalt ~ 20%.
•    Traffic is minimal, country roads.

After lunch, we are going to have an ascent to local Astrophysical Observatory (village of «Nauchniy») with height of about 400 meters (~ 12 km). We will have enough time to take a walk through the territory of observatory with visiting telescopes. You will enjoy a splendid view on Chatyrdag Babugan, Yalta plateau. It was founded in the beginning of 20th century by maecenas and astronomy lover Nikolai Maltsev.
  Then, we will descend into the valley of the river Bodrak and «Valley of thousands of burial vaults». Here you will see no valley, but a quite impressive massive hill afar resembles an anthill, because has been all pitted by treasure hunters. Today it is also an archaeological site. After we will move to the ancient cave city of «Backla».It is situated on the cliffs at an altitude of 300 meters above sea level near the place where Bodrak falls into Alma. There are some evidence that Byzantium used Buckley to turn the locals into Christianity in the first millennium AD.
  Next we will have a descend to the «Martian lake». It is situated near the village Skalistoe, it is a former quarry of limestone. Reservoir was formed when workers accidentally ran into a very powerful source while working. Martian lake is only a couple of meters shallower than the Sea of Azov, it’s deepest part is about 10 miters.
  By the evening, we will return to the hotel in Bakhchisaray. Tomorrow we will have 2 options of the route. In the evening during the dinner you and your sport lead will decide which one will be best for you.
•    Visiting the Observatory (not included in the tour price), payment on the spot.
•    Visiting the cave city of «Baсkla», the price of a visit and excursions should be paid on spot.
•    Breakfast at the hotel (incl. In the price).
•    Lunch - packed lunch (including in the price).
•    Dinner at the hotel (not included in the tour price).
Night in hotel in Bakhchisaray.

Day 3. First variant of the route:
Transfer from Bahchisaray to Ai-Petri;
Buke rout: Ai-Petri – Yalta Yayla – Mnogorechiye – Schastlivoe – Sinapnoe – Bakhchisaray / about 60 km / heights level  ~ 1200 m.
•     Primer ~ 80%, asphalt ~ 20%.
•    Traffic is minimal, country roads.

Today you are going to have a hard and eventful program. After breakfast we will go to by car to alpine Ai-Petri plateau (1000 m above sea). Then we will have a long cycling trip along the Yalta’s Yayla. From here you will enjoy an unbelievable panorama to Southern coast and the inner ridge of the mountains (do not forget to bring your camera!).
  Leaving the escort cars we will continue our way to the east along the Yalta’s Yayla. We will have a wonderful descent on the Uzen-Bashsky (formerly «Ekaterininskaya») road to a small village Mnogorechie, located in a picturesque valley.
  And later in the ancient village of «Schatlivoe» we will have a lunch break. The village is spread at the western foot of the Ai-Petri, at a height of 387 m, here the river Belbek starts. The history of village begins in the 15th century. A bit to the south of the village at a depth of 650 m, in the 70's was laid a tunnel under the Ai-Petri. The length of the tunnel was 7 kilometers. Water flows to the South coast, providing the needs of residents of the coast.
   Then, breaking the steep climb, we will reach the cordon of Lesnikov. And from river «Stilya» will go to the village «Sinapnoe». Via the picturesque valley of Kachin we will get back to our hotel.
•    Transfer from Bahchisaray to Ai-Petri included in the tour price.
•    Breakfast at the hotel (incl. In the price).
•    Lunch in a box (included in the price).
•    Dinner in the hotel (not included in the price).
Night in hotel in Bakhchisaray.

Day 3. Second variant of the route:
Transfer from Bahchisaray to Ai-Petri;
Buke rout: Ai-Petri – Yalta Yayla – «Kemal» – «Kermen» – «Urochishe Shelkovichnoe» – Sinapnoe – Bakhchisaray / about 70 km / heights level  ~ 1500 m.
•     Primer ~ 80%, asphalt ~ 20%.
•    Traffic is minimal, country roads.

After breakfast, we will again take the transfer to go to the mountain Ai-Petri plateau. This is the starting point for a great cycling tracks of high complexity. Today we have the most difficult stage of the route. Who wants to skip this racetrack can do it in the middle of the path.
  First, we will need to go along Yalta Yayla to a fourth top of this peninsula - Mount Kemal Egerek. «Kemal» – cone-shaped mountain, watershed and river Dong Kaspana river, consisting of marl limestone and covered with rare grass. After we will descent to the mountain «Kubishka». Here the hardest part starts (but with no jumps or cliffs) here we recommend to use protection for lower leg and hands. This descent will be full of coarse gravel, what makes this part interesting and hard in the same time. Here you will need maximum of your experience and skills to overcome this difficult section.
  After going down to a small hollow at the edge of the forest, we will have a rest and after go further into the depths of the forest to the tourist parking «Kermen», to have a lunch break. Further the way lies to «The natural boundary Shelkovichnaya» – the ancient disappeared village, used to be named «Koush». After a long and steep ascent, we get to the fork to the village «Sinapnoe». It is located in the headwaters of the river Kacha, on the right slope of the valley, the village center height above sea 275 m. After we will follow along the river and arrive to the hotel.
•    Transfer from Bahchisaray to Ai-Petri included in the tour price.
•    Breakfast at the hotel (incl. In the price).
•    Lunch in a box (included in the price).
•    Dinner in the hotel (not included in the price).
Night in hotel in Bakhchisaray.

Day 4. Bahchisaray – gorge Maryam-Dere – old Karaimskoe cemetery – Bakhchysarai / About 30 km / heights level  ~ 200 m.
•    Primer ~ 95% , asphalt ~ 5%.
•    Traffic is minimal, country roads.

After the breakfast we will have a short but interesting route.
   From the hotel we will take east to the gorge Maryam Dar (the gorge of St. Mary) to explore the cave of the Holy Dormition Monastery. It is also called as «Black sea coast Athos». Next, we will go for a short climb up to the gorge Maryam-Dere, to the foot of the mountain peaks Chufut Kale and ancient cave city. And cycling through the Valley of Josaphat, we will explore the ancient «Karaite cemetery», passing through it. The mystery and beauty of this place, lost in the shadows of tall trees, the southern cliffs, mountain panorama and almost biblical view of Chufut Kale and the Josaphat Valley have always attracted not only simple travelers but great artists also. Valley of Josaphat is named by analogy with the homonymous valley near Jerusalem that was repeatedly mentioned in the Bible.
  After memorizing beautiful views, we descend to the village «Preduschelnoe» and from there back to our hotel in the suburbs of Bakhchisaray.
•    A visit to the cave Holy Dormition Monastery (not included in the tour price), payment on the spot.
•    Visiting the cave city of Chufut Kale, the price of a visit and excursions should be paid on spot.
•    Breakfast at the hotel (incl. In the price).
•    Lunch - packed lunch (including in the price).
•    Dinner at the hotel (not included in the tour price).
Night in hotel in Bakhchisaray.

Day 5. Bakhchisarai – Kabany Pass, the lake – Rodnikovoye (Skelsky Cave) – Orlinoe  /  about 40 km / heights level  ~ 700 m.
•    Primer ~ 70%, asphalt ~ 30%.
•    Traffic is minimal, country roads.

Today we are saying goodbye to the hospitable owners of the hotel in Bakhchisarai and leaving them – the rest of the nights we will spend in the village Orlinoe, in a picturesque valley Baydar, in the heart of the mountains.
  We are going to compete a climb to Kabanyy Pass (Pass Bechke is geographical name, 772 m above sea level). The road will run between the villages and forests, and even when it is hot outside we will feel cool and fresh. On the pass there is a beautiful lake, bordered by dense vegetation. On the shore of the lake there are some built houses on stilts and a restaurant. Here we take a break, have lunch, swim and continue hitting the road.
   We will descend into the famous Baydarskaya valley, which is called «Black sea Switzerland». This corner of the south-western part of the peninsula, will give us the opportunity to see all the natural diversity – forests, mountains, canyons, rivers and beautiful lakes. Then we have another short adventure, we will visit the cave Skelsky. It is located between the villages Rodnikovoye and Kolkhoznoe (Uzhundzha). The cave was discovered in 1904 and is equipped for the tour visiting Yalta cavers only 100 years later. Here we will dive into the wonderful realm of stalactites and stalagmites.
  Our cycle track for today will end up in a new hotel with a swimming pool in the village Orlinoe.
•    Visiting the cave Skelsky, and excursions should be paid on spot.
•    Breakfast at the hotel (incl. In the price).
•    Lunch in the restaurant near the lake (not included in the tour price).
•    Dinner at the hotel (not included in the tour price).
Night in hotel in Orlinoe.

Day 6. Orlinoe – Laspinsky Pass  «Roman» road  Laspinsky Bay  Pass Ager-Kanat – Orlinoe /  about 30 km / heights level  ~ 1300 m.
•    Primer (flat gravel) ~ 50% , asphalt ~ 50%.
•    Low traffic.

Today, we will have a conclusion of our bike tour – we will go to Black Sea coast! But first, we will need to overcome a serious climb to Laspinsky pass. Here, on the pass, in honor of the 2000th anniversary of the Birth of Christ was the Orthodox Church built in 2004.
   Take a picture of the grandiose scenery of the bays Batiliman and Balaclava, and the Cape Aya, we will go down the ancient «Roman» road (about 5 km)! The Roman Empire played an important role in the economic and political life of peoples and nations of the peninsula from the middle of the 1-st century BC. And «Via militaris» («Military Road») has joined the Roman military camp Kharaks on Cape Ai-Todor with Chersonesus.
  And here is the sea! We will go down to the warren «Batiliman Tract» – to a picturesque wooden coast, hidden under the rock «walls» in mountains of 650 meters high. The main value here – the relict juniper grove and wild beaches, teeming with mysterious underwater caves and unbeliviable landscapes. Here we will have an opportunity to take some sunbathe and swim. For lunch we will be in a café with great local cuisine.
  On our coming back we will go along the famous bay of Laspi, the beauty of which was admired by Catherine II and the pass-Ager Kanat. Our efforts will be rewarded with the mountain slopes where will be a magnificent landscape. We will be back to the hotel will be the dinner time.
•    Breakfast at the hotel (incl. In the price).
•    Lunch in a café on Staroyaltinskoe highway (not included in the tour price).
•    Dinner at the hotel (not included in the tour price).
Night in hotel in Orlinoe.

Day 7Orlinoe – Baydarskiy pass – Foros – Orlinoe /  about 45 km / heights level  ~ 1200 m.
•    Primer (forest roads, flat gravel) ~ 50%, asphalt ~ 50%.
•    Low traffic.

The final cycle track of our journey takes us to the ancient Foros. There we go through Baydarskiy pass (500 m above sea level) along the old road, which was built in the 19-th century and connects Yalta and Sevastopol. In honor of this event at the pass in 1848 «Baydar Gate» built. And on the top of the pass there is a modern viewing platform, which offers stunning views of the Baydarskaya valley and Foros.
  Going down to the coast, to the ancient village of Foros, we will be seeing scenic serpentine, through the famous Foros Cathedral, built in the Byzantine style in the late 19-th century, in honor of the royal family of salvation by Borko.
  Foros (means «lighthouse») was named by the Greeks in the Middle Ages, but it was founded by them much earlier, back in the 5-th century BC. Today it is famous for its park, which was laid in the 19-th century by «the tea merchant» Alexander Kuznetsov. And in the 20-th century Foros was a favourite for the creative Russian intelligence. Fedor Chaliapin, Maxim Gorky, Chekhov and Rachmaninoff had been visiting this place and also worked here.
  We will take a walk in the park, take a look at the Kuznetsov's palace, swim, have lunch and go back to Orlinoe.
•    Breakfast at the hotel (incl. In the price)
•    Lunch in a café / restaurant in Foros (not included in the tour price).
•    A visit to the Kuznetsov’s Palace and Park (not included in the tour price).
•    Dinner at the hotel (not included in the tour price).
Night in hotel in Orlinoe.

Day 8Orlinoe|
After breakfast in the hotel, transfer from Orlinoe to the airport of Simferopol. But we do recommend to stay here at least a couple of days longer to explore more about the peninsula, or for a rest at the Black sea coast. 

BIKES, rent is included in the tour price:

Brand: Norco
Frame: Unisex Aluminum. Frame for 650B wheels. Butted.
Fork: Suntour M3030, 75 мм
System: Shimano Tourney FC-M131 42/34/24T
Carriage: Cartridge BB
Pedals: Black Resin
Front derailleur: Shimano Tourney FD-TX50, 3 sp
Rear derailleur:                  Shimano Tourney RD-TX55, 7 sp
Rims: Alloy Double Wall, 27,5
Tyres: Kenda Komodo 27,5 x 2,1"
Front hub: Norcoalloy
Rear hub: Norcoalloy
Front brake: Tektro 837AL, V-тип
Rear brake: Tektro 837AL, V-тип
Saddle: Norco XC
Bicycle type: Hardtail
Wheel size in inches: 27.5



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