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«Crimean valleys» journey along Russian peninsula and the trail of ancient civilizations

From 1090,00 €
On Saturday: 02.06., 30.06., 04.08., 25.08.2018 / Special departure dates for at least 6 people
Tour type:
  • Velotours in Russia


8 days / 7 nights


Total 140 or 170 km.

Start dates

On Saturday: 02.06., 30.06., 04.08., 25.08.2018 / Special departure dates for at least 6 people

Start location

Bakhchisaray, transfer from Simferopol Airport

End location

Village Orlinoe, transfer to Simferopol Airport

Never been in South of Russia yet?! You are more than welcome!
  For the past 3 years, there is a lot said in Russia and around the world our Russian peninsula, and it is easy to understand why. Centuries of history, culture and art, the unique beauty of the natural attractions and a tender Black Sea – all of this attracts tourists to this area. But how to know south of Russia «from inside», not only its surface, but thoughtfully and clearly, touching its history, how to see all «with your own eyes»? How to enjoy the extraordinary beauty of the valleys, quaint old mountains and purest lakes? – everything is very simple! All you need is to go to a cycling tour around Black Sea coast with us.
  Starting from spring 2017, our company is going to consolidate Russian-speaking and international groups to participate in the bike tour of two skill levels – simple, which is represented on this page of our website; and more trained ones for the tour – «Southern peninsula» – cross-country tours», the route based on 2 hotels. And a tour along the «Crimean valleys», that is planned basing on 3 hotels, the route is laid mostly in the valleys, with small height difference, in peaceful countryside and unpaved forest paths.

Airport: Simferopol's Airport (SIP), transfers truoght Moscow and St. Peterburg.
Accommodation:Hotels 3* and guest house / all rooms with с WC and shower

Our cycling tour starts from an ancient Bakhchisaray and ends on the coast close to Foros.
   We will pass some iconic sights of the peninsula – old churches and temples; cross Baydarskaya valley and visit caves, ancient cave towns, mountain lakes and waterfalls.
   We will a hike to a Grand Canyon and go up to the small mountain passes to enjoy the beauty of the southern coast of the peninsula and of course swim in the waters of the Black Sea. Moreover, we will have a small trekking tour along the «Sunpath» in Livadia, and it is also called «Tsar path», as Nicholas II often walked along this path with his whole family.
  We fill this route with wine tasting and excursions (sometimes by bus), for you to love our Russian peninsula even more, and to feel authenticity, modern history, and historical trail of the most ancient civilizations.
  Groups will be accompanied by a sport leader who knows the area and all the cycle tracks very well. Accommodation in comfortable hotels will give you the feeling of full relaxation, you can go on a bike tour with the whole family or friends or the same minded people.
* Entrance fees to all attractions listed above do not exceed 500 rubles, it is mostly 200 – 300 rubles. Exceptions are the Livandia and Vorontsov palaces;
** When visiting churches, cathedrals and monasteries – charity donations are appreciated.
*** There are 3 special excursions included in the tour price: to the Hero city of Sevastopol, to Balaklava city and a drive along the Yalta coast with a visit to Livadia and Vorontsov Palaces, «Swallow's Nest» (English-speaking guide, transfers, but entrance fees are not included).
**** Upon request, we can arrange your vacation on the coast, and / or excursion to other important places of the peninsula: Genoese fortress in Sudak, Yalta, National botanical reserve «New World», with a visit to the Cape «Kapchik» and «Golitsyn» trail. 

DATES OF THE TOUR: On Saturday: 02.06., 30.06., 04.08., 25.08.2018
* April, October and Special departure dates can be available upon request, with group of 6 people. 
** The organization of the tour can be confirmed with a min. 6 persons in the group and a max. 17 persons.

PRICES OF THE TOUR per person in 2018: In a Double room accommodation: 1.190,00 Euro
* Single room – upon request

You do not need to look for the groupmates! It is our responsibility. You just join to the group of alike-minded;
• After receiving the booking confirmation, we will send an invoice for 50% of the tour price;
• Balance payment you will need to pay 2 weeks before the tour. The amount of it will depend on the fullness of the group.


• Carefully developed route with the information about the sights to see.
• Accommodation in the hotels of 3* (4 nights) and Guest House (3 nights), all accommodation is in the rooms with WC + shower;
• Breakfasts in the hotels;
• 4 packed lunches and 2 afternoon snacks (tea, coffee, sandwiches, fruits);
• Sport lead service (English and Russian speaking);
• All the tour information, with description of all sights (English / German variants);
• All transfers indicated in the bike tour;
• Two trekking tours of the Grand Canyon and the Solar Path;
Bus excursions to Balaklava, Sevastopol and the Palaces of the South Coast, including services of a professional guide;
• Transporting your luggage, not more than 20 kg per person;
• Bike rent and technical support;
• Hot-line service;
• Invitation to the visa center of Russia in your country for obtaining a visa.


• Flight from / to Simferopol, transfer from / to Simferopol Airport.
• Lunches on Day 5 and 7 and all dinners, payable on spot;
• Health insurance pole;
• All entrance tickets to museums, parks, national reserves;
• All additional services not included in the tour program.

EXTRA OPTIONS, up to wishes of a group or individual participants
• Transfers from / to Simperopol airport;
• Excursions in the Khan Palace (Bakhchisarai), to Observatory, visit of Skelsky cave, visit to Foros palace complex;

* Entrance fees to all attractions listed above do not exceed 500 rubles, it is mostly 200 – 300 rubles. Exceptions are the Livandia and Vorontsov palaces;
** When visiting churches, cathedrals and monasteries – charity donations are appreciated.
*** Upon request, we can arrange your vacation on the coast, and / or excursion to other important places: Genoese fortress in Sudak, Yalta, National botanical reserve «New World», with a visit to the Cape «Kapchik» and «Golitsyn» trail. 

If you didn't get the insurance policy yet, we recommend to address to ERV Group (ERV - Travel Insurance).
Existence in Moscow of one of departments of the group guarantees the qualified help in a case of a loss occurrence.
We work with Russian department ERV company since 2007

Day 1. Bakhchysarai
Arrival to Simferopol Airport. Meeting at the airport and a transfer to the «start» hotel of the tour in Bakhchysarai’s suburb (~ 40 km).
Lunch. Self inspection of the city's attractions. And / or an excursion to the Khan's palace. Because of its architectural diversity and rich historical past Bakhchysarai was called «the city of five centuries». Bakhchisaray (Bakche-saray) – with the Tatar meaning «garden palace» (bahcha / bağça – garden shed / saray – Palace) – a former residence of the khans Giray, who ruled the Khanate of the entire period of its existence, more than 350 years, from 1420 till 1783.
Hotel is located 1 km from the city center.
•    Transfers from the airport are not included in the tour price.
•     Lunch and Dinner in Bahchysarai or in the hotel's restaurant not included in the tour price.
•     Excursion to the Khan's palace, payable locally.
Night in hotel in Bakhchysarai.

Day 2. Bahchysarai  – gorge Maryam-Dere – old Karaimskoe cemetery – Bakhchysarai / about 20 - 25 km / heights level ~200 m.
•     Primer ~ 80% , asphalt ~ 20%.
•    Traffic is minimal, country roads.

After the breakfast we will have a short but interesting route.
  From the hotel we will take east to the gorge Maryam Dar (the gorge of St. Mary) to explore the cave of the Holy Dormition Monastery. It is also called as «Black sea coast Athos».
  Next, we will go for a short climb up to the gorge Maryam-Dere, to the foot of the mountain peaks Chufut Kale. And cycling through the Valley of Josaphat, we will explore the ancient «Karaite cemetery», passing through it. The mystery and beauty of this place, lost in the shadows of tall trees, the southern cliffs, mountain panorama and almost biblical view of Chufut Kale and the Josaphat Valley have always attracted not only simple travelers but great artists also. Valley of Josaphat is named by analogy with the homonymous valley near Jerusalem that was repeatedly mentioned in the Bible.
  After taking some photos of a magical views, we will go down to a Kachin valley. Up to group's wishes we can go to a mountain lake, and in case of a good weather, we can take a swim in it. On the way back to our hotel in Bakhchisaray, we will go to see a spot of a prehistoric man «Tash-Air» (here we can see the ocher rock painting).
•    A visit to the cave Holy Dormition Monastery (not included in the tour price), payment on the spot.
•    Visiting the cave city of Chufut Kale, the price of a visit and excursions should be paid on spot
•    Breakfast at the hotel (incl. In the price).
•    Lunch - packed lunch (including in the price.).
•    Dinner at the hotel (not included in the tour price). 
Night in hotel in Bakhchysarai.

Day 3. Bahchisaray – «Baсkla» – «Martian lake» – Bahchisaray / about 20 - 25 km / heights level ~ 300 m.
Excursion by bus to Balaklava
•    Primer ~ 80%, asphalt ~ 20%.
•    Traffic is minimal, country roads.
•    Mountainous relief, but not difficult. Ascents and descents.

After breakfast in the hotel, we will go along the cozy mountain forest road into the valley of the river Bodrak and will go to the cave city «Baсkla». It is situated on the cliffs at an altitude of 300 meters above sea level near the place where Bodrak falls into Alma. There are some evidence that Byzantium used Buckley to turn the locals into Christianity in the first millennium AD. There is an impressive view of the nearby mountains that is seeing for the plateau Buckley.
   Next we will have a descend to the «Martian lake». It is situated near the village Skalistoe, It is a former quarry of limestone. Reservoir was formed when workers accidentally ran into a very powerful source while working. Martian lake is only a couple of meters shallower than the Sea of Azov, it’s deepest part is about 10 meters.
* After coming back to the hotel and a snack brake, we will organize an excursion to Balaklava. 
Read more about the excursion below.
Will be back to the hotel in Bakhchisaray by the evening.

•    Visiting the cave city of «Baсkla», the price of a visit and excursions should be paid on spot.
•    Breakfast at the hotel (incl. In the price).
•    Lunch - packed lunch (including in the price).
•    Second lunch – tea, coffee, sandwiches, fruits (including in the price).
•    Dinner at a restaurant / cafe in Balaclava (not included in the tour price).
•    Transfer Bakhchisaray to Balaklava and back to the hotel (included in the tour price).
Night in hotel in Bakhchysarai.

Day 4.  Bakhchisarai  Kachin valley  the village Laki  Bakhchisaray / about 30 - 35 km / total climb of about  ~700 m.
Excursion by bus to Sevastopol
•    Primer ~ 90%, ~ 10% asphalt, climbs and descents, mountainous terrain.
•    Traffic is minimal, country roads.

Today again we are going to go up and then cross the picturesque Kachin valley, but in the other part of it. Landscapes of every day of our cycling tour will be unique!
  The next stage – another small climb to the mysterious place – the village of Laki, which in fact is no longer exist. Presumably, the name of the village comes from the name of St. Luke. However, in Greece there are a lot of villages with similar name and, possibly it is the Greek etymology. During the Second World War for supporting the partisans local people were shot here, and their houses burned. That is why one of the name of the villages is Goryanka (from the Russian word goret’ – meaning to burn). There is a monument that reminds about the tragedy, it is 100 meters from the church. But here is a temple, a Greek temple of St. Luke, where several monks live today. Anyone who falls into a cozy valley Lak, gets affected by its special silence. There is no noisy wind, busy traffic and crowds of tourists. The inaccessibility of the valley creates and protects the chamber atmosphere of the area. In these places was a little part of an ancient Hellas. Like an eagle's nest, this village sheltered on the rocky ground at the pass between the mountains and the Tatar-Yalta and Ai-Ilya.
  * After coming back to the hotes and a little break we will take a bus to go visit a Hero city of Sevastopol. 
Read more about the excursion below.
After dinner in a beautiful restaurant on the Southern promenade, we will go back by bus to our hotel in Bakhchisaray.

•    Lunch - packed lunch (including in the price).
•    Tour-guide service around Sevastopol is included in the tour price.
•    Tickets to the museum-reserve, exhibition center «Defense of Sevastopol» not included in the tour price, payment on spot.
•    Transfer Bakhchisaray to Sevastopol and back to the hotel
Night in hotel in Bakhchysarai.

Day 5.  Transfer from Bahchisaray to Ai-Petri;
Buke rout: Ai-Petri – Sokolinoe – Grand Canyon (trekking ~ 6 km.) – Sokolinoe / about 25 - 30 km / heights level  ~ 200 m.
•    Primer ~ 95%, asphalt ~ 5%.
•    Traffic is minimal, country roads.

Today you are going to have a very eventful program. It will be one of the brightest days of our cycling trip!
  After having breakfast and loading the bikes in the car, we will go uphill to Ai-Petri plateau (1200 m above the sea level). From there you will enjoy wonderful view to Yalta and a big part of the southern coast (do not forget to take camera with you!). After spending some time enjoying the views we will continue our way to the east along the Yalta Yayla.
  After riding on plateau we will have a breathtaking 25 km long trip down to the village Sokolinoe (400 m above the sea level), on the bank of a mountain river Kokkozki. This is the most beautiful and full flowing river.
  But before, we will go to have a lunch in one of the cafes. After, but leaving the bikes, we will go to see one of the most important natural sights of the peninsula – Grand Canyon. This is a true miracle of nature – the height of the steep canyon walls reaches up to 320 m, a length of it is about 3.5 km and width at the narrowest part of it is no more than 2-3 m.
  After an amazing walk we will go back to the parking spot, continue our trip by bikes through the Sokolinoe village and will reach our hotel. Places that will surround us are fraught with incredible spiritual strength that is exuded by the old palaces, mosques, fortresses ruins. This is a wonderful place covered with legends and is considered the tourist capital of the mountain area! The Guest House that we stay for a night in, has a swimming pool, restaurant with good local cuisine, also Russian and even Japanese sauna.

•     Transfer from Bahchisaray to Ai-Petri included in the tour price.
•     Breakfast at the hotel (incl. In the price).
•     Lunch in café (not included in the price).
•     Dinner in the hotel (not included in the price).
Night in Guest House in Sokolinoe.

Day 6. Sokolinoe – Bechke Pass – Rodnikovoye, cave «Skelsky»  –  Orlinoe / about 40 km / heights level  ~ 700 m.
•    Primer ~ 60%, asphalt ~ 40%.
•    Traffic is minimal, country roads.

Before leaving Sokolinoe (presumably it was founded by the bright-eyed Goths in the 3rd century), we will take a look on its sights – «Hunting house» of Earl Yusupov (the beginning of 20th century), 3 historical mosques and a couple of historical fountains (cheshme).
   And then we will continue our bike tour and make a small ascent to «Kabany Pass» (a geographical name Bechke Pass, 772 m above sea level). The road will take place between forests lands and the protected beech and oak forests, and even in the hot weather, we will feel the coolness and freshness. On the pass there is a beautiful lake, bordered by dense vegetation. Here we rest, swim and continue our trip after.
   We will descend into the famous Baydarskaya valley, which is called «Black sea coast Switzerland». This corner of the south-western of the peninsula, will give us the opportunity to see all the natural diversity – forests, mountains, canyons, rivers and beautiful lakes. Then we have another short adventure, we will visit the cave «Skelsky». It is located between the villages Rodnikovoye and Kolkhoznoe (Uzhundzha). The cave was discovered in 1904 and is equipped for the tour visiting Yalta cavers only 100 years later. Here we will dive into the wonderful realm of stalactites and stalagmites. Our cycling track for today will end up in the hotel in Orlinoe village.
•    Visiting the cave Skelsky, and excursions should be paid on spot.
•    Breakfast at the hotel (incl. In the price).
•    Lunch - packed lunch (including in the price).
•    Dinner at the hotel (not included in the tour price).
Night in Guest House in Orlinoe.

Day 7. Orlinoe – Baydarskiy pass – Foros  / about 15 km / heights level ~ 200 m.
A bus excursion to the palaces of the Southern coast 
• Primer (forest roads, flat gravel) ~ 50%, asphalt ~ 50%.
• Low traffic.
Today is the last day of your cycling tour. It will be very interesting and very eventful!
  The final cycle track of our journey takes us to the ancient Foros. There we go through Baydarskiy pass (500 m. above sea level) along the old road, which was built in the 19-th century and connects Yalta and Sevastopol. In honor of this event at the pass in 1848 «Baydar Gate» built. And on the top of the pass there is a modern viewing platform, which offers stunning views of the Baydarskaya valley and Foros.
 Going down to the coast, to the ancient village of Foros, we will be seeing scenic serpentine, through the famous Foros Cathedral, built in the Byzantine style in the late 19-th century, in honor of the royal family of salvation by Borko.
 Foros (means «lighthouse») was named by the Greeks in the Middle Ages, but it was founded by them much earlier, back in the 5-th century BC. Today it is famous for its park, which was laid in the 19-th century by «the tea merchant» Alexander Kuznetsov. And in the 20-th century Foros was a favourite for the creative Russian intelligence. Fedor Chaliapin, Maxim Gorky, Chekhov and Rachmaninoff had been visiting this place and also worked here.
* After a lunch break in Foros and after a swim in the sea, we will take our bus and go along the coastline to visit a few palaces and once again to enjoy the beauty of the Black Sea coast. 
Read more about the excursion below.

•    Breakfast at the hotel (incl. In the price)
•    Lunch in a café / restaurant in Foros (not included in the tour price).
•    A visit to the Kuznetsov’s Palace and Park in (not included in the tour price).
•    Dinner at the hotel (not included in the tour price).
Night in Guest House in Orlinoe.

Day 8. Orlinoe
After breakfast in the hotel, transfer from Orlinoe to the airport of Simferopol. But we do recommend to stay here at least a couple of days longer to explore more about the peninsula, or for a rest at the Black sea coast. 

Day 3. Excursion №1 by bus to Balaklava

After coming back to the hotel and a snack brake, we will organize an excursion to Balaklava. The city is famous for its harbor, entrance to which cannot be seeing from the sea. In Balaklava we will take a walk along the Nazukin’s promenade, which is adorned with tracery mansions of the 19th century, and if we have time, we will visit the Naval Museum Complex (secret military facility during the Cold War built in the period from 1957 to 1961). Then we can go up to the ruins of the Genoese (14th century), and take a look inside Balaclava St. George Monastery (10th century), founded by the Greeks. After going down to promenade, we will have a dinner in one of the fish restaurants, and then go back to our hotel.
   On the way back we will visit a degustation hall in one of the oldest Russian sparkling wine production factories «Gold Balka», which was founded by Prince Lev Golitsyn in 1889. The picturesque valley of the «Golden Balka» is spread over 2,700 hectares of land in the Balaklava district, at the junction of the mountains, Black Sea and the endless steppe. Here the grapes are cultivated in the area (1400 hectares). Will be back to the hotel in Bakhchisaray by the evening.

Day 4. Excursion №2 by bus to Sevastopol

After coming back to the hotel we will take some time to prepare ourselves and after go by bus to the glorious Hero city of Sevastopol, it was founded in the late 18th century as the main base of the Russian Navy in the Black Sea. However, there are layers of history far more ancient: as a witnesses there is the famous nature reserve Chersonese and the medieval town of Inkerman.
  By arrival in Sevastopol, the first event for us will be a visit to Chersonesos – ancient policy of Northern Black Sea coast, was founded by ancient Greeks in 424/421 BC. And in Sevastopol, we go up the «Sinop» stairs to the top of the «Central» which reveals in front of us amazing views of the city and its sights, on «the Sevastopol raid» with giant cruise liners and the scenic bay. Going down to the Primorsky Boulevard, which is decorated with mighty plane trees, we can see a symbol of the city – Monument to the scuttled ships. And then, after passing along the promenade of «South» bay, we will visit a few famous memorial complexes, which are devoted to «Defense of Sevastopol in 1854-1855» – The historical local War, when the Russian army skillfully reflected the onslaught of British and French troops, greatly exceeded them in force. You will enjoy vivid story of our guide about those times, as well as about the heroic deeds of Soviet soldiers and local residents who defended Sevastopol during the Second World War.
  Fortress, bastions, forts and coastal batteries ... and glorious history – «Sevastopol, Sevastopol, a city of Russian sailors ...», we will get closer to it and it will leave a mark in the hearts of all of us. A majestic warships, young and in good way cunning sailors in beautiful uniform, smiling to them girls – all of this will give us an extraordinary atmosphere of this glorious Russian city.

Day 7. A bus excursion №3 to the palaces of the Southern coast 

We will go along the Southcoast highway, really close to sea coast, and first what we see on our way today will be Vorontsov Palace. Now this place hosts a museum, surrounded by a beautiful park, It was built in the style of English architecture in the early 19th century, for prominent Russian statesman, Governor General and Count Mikhail Vorontsov.
  After, by bus, being enjoying the beauty and spectacular scenery of the Southern part of the peninsula, and listening to our guide at the same time, we will have a second stop. That will be the famous «Swallow's Nest» – «like a post card». It has the same meaning as a city Halshtadt in the Austrian "Salzkammergut". In the castle you can use the famous «Swallow's Mail» and surprise your friends or relatives with your news from here to any corner of the world. It's very romantic!
   The third stop will be another bright attraction – Livadiysky Palace. Exactly here passed the historical «Yalta Conference», 1945 with the participation of Roosevelt, Stalin and Churchill.
  We take a walk around the park, listen to the story of the Palace and make a short walk along the famous «of the Solar» trail. Cut from Livadia to Oreanda, also called «Tsar's path». The trail was built to connect the estates in Livadia and Oreanda belonging to the royal family, and was used for hiking and horse riding. Smooth trail passes through the green corridor formed by the forest thickets, and leads to the rotunda, where in front of us will open wonderful views at Oreanda, the coast and the sea. Amazing landscape of these places, scenic coastal cliffs, natural caves have always attracted Russian artists and writers.
 Walking a bit more we will reach to Yalta highway, where our bus will be waiting for us to take to the Hotel in the village Orlinoe. 

BIKES, rent is included in the tour price:

Brand: Norco

Frame: Unisex Aluminum. Frame for 650B wheels. Butted.
Fork: Suntour M3030, 75 мм
System: Shimano Tourney FC-M131 42/34/24T
Carriage: Cartridge BB
Pedals: Black Resin
Front derailleur: Shimano Tourney FD-TX50, 3 sp
Rear derailleur: Shimano Tourney RD-TX55, 7 sp
Rims: Alloy Double Wall, 27,5
Tyres: Kenda Komodo 27,5 x 2,1"
Front hub: Norcoalloy
Rear hub: Norcoalloy
Front brake: Tektro 837AL, V-тип
Rear brake: Tektro 837AL, V-тип
Saddle: Norco XC
Bicycle type: Hardtail
Wheel size in inches: 27.5

Get information or place on-line request

Thanks for interest at this tour! Fill form and operator will contact with you.