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Парадайз Вояж — Создаем новый вид активного отдыха уже более 10 лет!
Двигайся и познавай новое!
Велосипедные туры по Европе и России без рюкзака!

Dear team of paradiz voyage travel agency,
    We want to thank you for the very nice cycling tour with your company, which we had that summer between 15.-22. June 2019. We would like to give feedback and tell you that we really liked everything about the trip:

  • The selection of the routes, as well as the entire route (as we know, how difficult it was to find them)
  • The selected hotels were very good, even in good locations
  • Our both guides Alex and Oleg were very friendly and concerned about us and made the trip an unforgettable experience
  • The lunch breakes were very extensive and delicious and typical of the country
  • The two additional events such as team-cooking and the Matrioschka painting course were also great and rounded off the tour
  • The bikes were perfect for the kind of roads
  • the description of the tour in the papers was ver nice and extensive

   For us, the both last days could have a little bit longer cycling, but we understand, that the older people in our team were a little bit exhaused due to the heat on these days.
During the trip we were the only ones in the group who booked half board, because our provider EuroBikes offered this. That was very pleasant for us, because we could go fortified to the city tours in the evenings and didn't have to look for a restaurant. But we often ate alone in the evening because the others had not booked the half board. We would find it nicer if everyone in the group had the same booking here (if possible).
    In summary, we can say that it was one oft he best organized bike tours we have done yet (and we have done sone already).
We wish you and the whole team many more successful tours and that this business in Russia will continue to establish.
Best Regards
Andreas und Susanne Hillmann

__ Our Answer _____________________________________________________________________________

Dear Andreas und Susanne,
thank you so much for your feedback!
This is very valuable for us and for our team.
We are glad that you enjoyed your bicycle tour through Central Russia.
    Thank you for your constant positive and good mood! We will take your comments into account in our future work.
Although believe me, it is very difficult to organize dinners because of the foreign language. And not all hotels offer a buffet... (
But, we will work on it!
    Once again, thank you very much for your warm words to our company!
Good luck and good mood!
Natalia Semenova and All team Paradiz voyage

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